How to Unlock Huawei 421D?

The Factory SIM unlocking code for Huawei 421D is available, meaning that the permanent unlocking of Huawei 421D is possible with a correct NCK code. We can unlock every Huawei easily via IMEI. It is not required to change the firmware to unlock it, if the phone asks you to unlock the code after changing the SIM card. It is advisable to unlock Huawei 421D by code because you will not lose the phone warranty. This is the fastest and most secure way to unlock the phone via IMEI code. Unlocked phones can be used with all network SIMs worldwide.

To unlock your phone, we need only 15-digits IMEI. You can find the 15-digit correct IMEI by dialing *#06# on the phone.

The unlocking of the Huawei 421D by code is a recommended method by the manufacturer. Since the unlock code comes from the manufacturer database, it will unlock your phone 100%.

Once the order placed, you will get the following types of codes:

NCK – “NCK” or “Network Code” removes the main network restriction from the Huawei 421D.

SPCK – “Service Provider Code” or “Subset Unlock PIN” removes the network restriction of the subset network (e.g. Tesco in the U.K.).

SIMLock Block Unlock Reset Key – “SIM Lock Block Unlock Reset Key” used to reset the code counter if you have already tried with so many wrong codes on your Huawei 421D.

Note: In a few cases, you may get only NCK or Unlock Code, if in the database only one set of codes will be available. Also, if you will place the order for a Huawei modem/router, you will get only simlock / unlock code.

How long do we need to wait for an Huawei 421D phone unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for an unlock code of Huawei 421D is written on the product page. When you select the phone details, you will get the price and approximate delivery time.

How to Unlock Huawei 421D?

Step 1. Switch OFF the Huawei 421D phone.

Step 2. Insert any other network provider Simcard (e.g. for O2 phone unlocking, you can use an EE SIM card).

Step 3. Switch ON the phone.

Step 4. It should prompt for SIM Network Unlock PIN.

Step 5. Enter the unlock code, which is provided by

Step 6. Now, your Huawei 421D is unlocked permanently to use with all GSM sim cards.

Unlocking Instructions for a Huawei Modem/Router

Step 1. Change the sim card and connect to the PC with a USB cable.

Step 2. If prompted, login into the device.

Step 3. It will prompt for a simlock / Unlock Code.

Step 4. Enter the unlock code into Huawei 421D, which is provided by

Step 5. Now, your modem/router will be unlocked permanently to use with all sim cards.

Have any questions, let us know before placing the order.