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Unlocking your phone, tablet, modem, or router allows you to use it with any network provider worldwide. The recommended and permanent method for unlocking your device is by code, which is a fast and secure remote service that doesn’t affect your device’s warranty. In fact, phone manufacturers and network providers themselves endorse this method. Say goodbye to network restrictions and enjoy the freedom to use your device anywhere in the world!

Yes, sim-unlock.blog can also unlock blacklisted phones. However, it’s important to note that unlocking a phone only removes the network blockade and not the blacklist status. We use only the recommended method of unlocking by IMEI.

We offer the lowest price worldwide. Our team uses recommended methods to unlock your phone, ensuring a simple, quick, secure, and legal process. Unlocking by code does not affect your phone. After unlocking, you can use your device with any network worldwide. We have already unlocked 100,000 devices.

No, Sim-Unlock.blog unlocks the phone by code only. Code is based on IMEI and is unique to every phone. It is a recommended method to unlock your phone by the manufacturer. It doesn’t interfere with your phone in any way. You will not lose the warranty when you unlock the phone by code.

The time required for unlocking depends on several factors, including the phone model, country, and network it is locked to. The estimated time will be displayed on the product page during checkout. At Sim-Unlock.blog, we use an automatic system that minimizes the unlocking time.

The unlocking price is based on a couple of factors. It is based on the model, country, and network on which your phone is locked. The correct price will be displayed on the product page when you proceed with payment. Sim-Unlock.blog provides the lowest prices around the world.


After placing your order on sim-unlock.blog, you will receive the unlock code by email within the specified time frame mentioned on the product page. We use an automatic method that ensures the fastest possible delivery of your unlock code.

At Sim-Unlock.blog, we have several years of experience in unlocking phones, tablets, modems, and routers. Check out our customer reviews to see why we’re a trusted provider of fast and reliable unlocking services.

At sim-unlock.blog, we offer a 100% refund within one week if the unlock code for your device is not found in our database.

Yes, you will get a discount for bulk orders. You can contact us before placing the order.

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