How to Unlock HTC Desire 556?


Sim Unlock code of HTC Desire 556 is available. Means, if your phone prompts for unlock code / NCK after changing the SIM card then it can be unlocked. Out automatic system is connected with HTC server and will provide the correct sim unlock code for all types of HTC phones.

Unlocking of HTC phone by sim unlock code is the easiest and fastest method. Once the HTC Desire 556 is unlocked, you can use it with all network provider sim cards around the world. Once the phone is network-free, you can use the default sim card too. You will not loose the warranty of the phone as we do not root the phone for unlocking.

We need 15-digit IMEI of the device to receive the correct unlock code of HTC Desire 556. Correct 15-digit IMEI can be found on the Settings of the phone or you can also dial *#06# as a phone number to get the IMEI of your phone.

Before placing any order at our database, make sure that your HTC Desire 556 asks for an unlock code. To confirm, just change the default simcard with any other carrier simcard and switch ON the phone. It should prompt for network unlock code.

How long we need to wait for an HTC phone unlock code?

The approximate delivery time for an HTC unlock code is 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

The average response time for an HTC phone unlock code is 15 minutes (based on last 100 orders).

How to Unlock HTC Desire 556 ?

1. Turn off the phone.

2. Insert any other operator simcard on your phone.

3. Turn ON the HTC Desire 556.

4. A message will be prompted on the screen to Enter network unlock code.

5. Type the unlock code which is provided by

6. Your phone should now network free and can be used with all operator simcards.

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