How to Check IMEI Number?

To find out the correct IMEI number of your device, follow these simple steps:


1. Press *#06# on your keypad

2. Press Call or Send as if making a call.

Now you can see the IMEI number on the screen of the phone.


In most of the devices, you can find out the IMEI numbers printed within the battery cavity.

1. Switch off the device and ensure it’s disconnected from any external power supply.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Locate your 15 digit IMEI number.

Note: In some of the devices, you may find more than 15-digit IMEI. While placing the order, only enter the first 15-digits of the IMEI number.



  1. I bought four devices from ZTE W7121
    And is in the device box – instructions for opening
    Code to unlock ZTE WF721 device for all SIM cards and network

    1) imei: 868365015314519 – Code to unlock – *983*86*5563326142992177#
    2) imei: 868365015114208 – Code to unlock – *983*86*4093962907563181#
    3) imei: 868365014934119 – Code to unlock – *983*86*8995573864910482#
    4) imei: 868365014962284 – Code to unlock – *983*86*0915996371288592#
    I tried, several times, to click on an Code to unlock, and I was unsuccessful.
    A] Sometimes, I did it, right away – before it was done, a red color signal – on the absorption mark, and sometimes, I clicked an opening code, after it became a red color – on the absorption mark.
    B] And sometimes, I did it, after I saw, a lot of red lines in the whole, and sometimes, after I saw, red color, just on a symbol – absorption with a grid,
    C] And sometimes I waited like a minute maybe it would turn green, and sometimes I hung up the phone right away – maybe that way better,
    And all these, did not help me, open the device, to any SIM card network.


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