Unlocking of Fastlink Iraq locked new 4G LTE router Huawei E5573S-320 is supported. It can be unlocked for free without opening the screws. It comes with firmware version It is highly secured firmware and this is the best method to unlock this router.

We have modified the firmware and now you can unlock the Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 (Firmware router totally free. It can be unlocked without opening the screws. After unlock you can use the network provider simcard worldwide, including Fastlink Iraq.

The good news is that, it is totally free for Fastlink Iraq Huawei users. You don’t need to pay for this device unlocking. You have to provide the hardware ID in comment box to get the key for the unlocking of your router.

This modified file will work to the firmware version, which comes in Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 router.

How to Unlock Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 (Firmware [FREE]?

1 Download Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 unlocker free.

2. Run on any Windows PC (32-bit or 64-bit / Win XP, Win 7 or Win 10).

3. Unlocking app of Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 will generate the hardware ID.

4. Copy and paste the generated hardware id in the comment box, since unlocking is free of cost.

5. Our team will provide the registration name and registration key according to the hardware ID.

6. Once you are ready with registration details, download Huawei latest drivers.

7. Unzip using WinRAR or any another software and run the setup file.

8. It will install the correct drivers automatically in the background.

9. Now download and run DC unlocker software.

10. Click on Search Magnifying Glass of the DC unlocker software.

11. It will detect your device and show complete details of your router.

12. At the end of the result, in a new line, paste the following command:


13. Press Enter from the keyboard.

14. Wait for 10-second to load the drivers automatically.

15. Now run the Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 unlocking application, which you have already downloaded.

16. Fill the registration name and registration key which you have got by our team.

17. Click Register to start flashing the firmware of your Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 router.

18. Once flashing is completed, again detect the device in DC unlocker app.

19. At the end of the result, now paste the following command:


20. Press Enter from the keyboard again to reset the router.

A response will come as OK.

Now your Fastlink Iraq Huawei E5573S-320 is unlocked permanently and can be unlocked worldwide with any simcard.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for your support I got the registration code and it worked perfectly!
    I updated the firmware and unlocked the device.

    the device info photo>>> https://pasteboard.co/I5fuv0l.png

    But I did all of these things because of changing the apn profile of fastlink to something else.
    To clarify, I mean I want to remove or change fastlink APN Profile and I want to add a new APN profile in order to use another simcard with this MIFI for example I want to use Newroz4g simcard on this device but the problem is that I can not change APN or add APN in order to add a new apn for newroz4g. SO, I just want to add a new profile name apn on this device to operate another simcard, How can I do that? guide and help me please.

    A photo to understand more>>> https://pasteboard.co/I5fuKPz.png

    Thank you for everything and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • According to the my knowledge, it has auto APN enabled, hence when you will change the simcard, it will automatically change accordingly.

      • Thank you so much really appreciate your help.

        After changing the simcard it could not load the apn profile automatically then I fixed the problem of the profile by Huawei HIlink App.


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  2. Ola, desculpa o incomodo e que o meu modem deu um probleminha quando fui pegar o id ele tá acendendo somente 1 led e não está mais funcionando no pc, vc sabe como resolver?

    • If your device firmware was similar to what is mentioned in the problem, then you should have no problem. If you tried on different firmware then nothing can be done.

    • sim-unlock.blog


    • sim-unlock.blog


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