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  1. Did not work ,ask a question an didn’t get the help needed

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  2. 😡

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  3. I paid the money to get my phone unlocked and it did absolutely nothing and still charged my account in full

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  4. Several times ive tried doing it. Even emailed and asked questions. Still couldn’t get it to work. Lucky the price wasn’t much but still if something you paid for doesn’t work money should be returned

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  5. you’ve asked for a review and I haven’t received the product yet – said I would have between 1-12 hrs it’s now been 48hrs

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  1. Model: K4201 I, HSPA+ USB STICK
    IMEI: 862928021387203
    Network: Vodafone Mobile Connect
    Country: INDIA
    Make: ZTE Corporation
    please provide me the unlock code for above at the earliest. Awaiting your reply with correct unlock code. Thanking you.

  2. thank you so much
    they were contacting me since i placed my order and finally i unlocked my router Huawei B310s-927
    100% positive feedback
    100% real service
    recommended website <3

  3. Hi Kamlesh, Miya Tan here again.
    Please can you review my post on your blog and help me send unlock code?
    Thanks, your swift response is greatly appreciated

  4. model:E3332h-510 Huawei-MTN Uganda
    Imei: 8666 5802 0626 998
    Computer Id:7A8CE-FA3F1-136DA-2B69A-AA084-43562-2C818-3B311
    send me the unlock prodedures.

  5. Time waster. Took my money – gave me excuse after excuse – told me he does nothing but enter the code into a system and it’s all automatic (so he can’t chase anyone or do anything to make it happen). I am still stuck with a router that doesn’t do what I need it to.
    Yes, I got my money back, but that’s not the point. Over 3 weeks wasted, waiting for a service that he couldn’t provide.

  6. This model lacks service, please help me to unlock the code I need,

    MODEL: Huawei E8372h-320
    IMEI: 862147045733694
    NETWORK: Telstra
    COUNTRY: Australia

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