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Now our team can provide the factory unlock code for all Huawei phones and modems. Means, if your device is asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code, then it can be unlocked easily.

To provide the unlock code of any Huawei, we only need 15-digit correct IMEI. Means model of the device is not required.

If you will place the order in Huawei worldwide service, then you will get all level of codes. All other services will provide the NCK / Unlock Code only.


  1. Device Information
    Device nameB311s-220
    Serial numberSCK7S18822003273
    My numberUnknown
    Hardware versionWL1B311M
    Software version8.0.1.7(H182SP2C7501)
    Web UI versionWEBUI
    Configuration file versionB311s-220-CUST
    LAN MAC addressB4:CD:27:E3:61:97
    WAN IP Address10.35.194.14
    Wireless transmit powerPPusch:6dBm PPucch:-7dBm PSrs:0dBm PPrach:2dBm
    Uplink mod/demod of MCSmcsUpCarrier1:22
    Downlink mod/demod of MCSmcsDownCarrier1Code0:0 mcsDownCarrier1Code1:0

    Whether can unlock or not?

  2. Manufacturer : Huawei
    Model : E5573Cs-609
    IMEI : 868502033131810
    Serial : 5LL7S18330001353
    Firmware : 21.329.63.00.284
    WebUI : WEBUI_17.
    Lock Status : 3
    Attempts Left : 0 out of 0

    The device has been locked. Contact your ISP to obtain the SIMLOCK code. Enter the correct SIMLOCK code to unlock the device. If the remaining number of unlock attempts is 0, the device will be permanently locked.

  3. Hi

    i have huawei p30 lite and my cousin give it to me .. i did hard reset ( wipe out data factory) and i don’t know what is the google account of my cousin , and i don’t know also the imei # .. is there a chance to bypass the google account ? and how much is the cost thanks.

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